Launching a new product in a month
Development of an application with minimal functionality to test a hypothesis of a new product
Fasting Tracker
Convert audio and video to text and process the result using AI
Interval tracker fasting
Pulse Tracker
Monitor health by measuring heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen
Screen Recorder
Currency Converter
Tool for navigation and height measurement
Screen recording with video and audio commentary
Real-time tracking of currency and cryptocurrency rates
LG TV Remote
Samsung TV remote control application
Ring Sizer
The app helps you determine the exact ring size
Have already implemented 15 applications on subscriptions
Ready to download the app in 4 weeks. Immediately after publishing, you can buy advertising on the app. Quickly respond to the first tests with traffic, releasing app updates several times a week. We take responsibility for the product, not the software
from 4,000 $
Cost of development
from 4 weeks
Development timeframe
20k +
On average, users
Average application score
Business process
Apps operate on a subscription model. Our goal is to create a package that people will want to subscribe to
First, we research the competitors and decide on a minimum set of features
In design, we use proven elements for fast development and good sales
In development we move iteratively, we update the application frequently. The application can be tested after each update. We review the work done once a week
Prepare promotional materials and content for Search Engine Optimization (ASO). We help to win over AppStore and PlayMarket moderators and publish the application
Application development
Together with the Product Manager and Product Analyst, build regular data-driven product improvements using HADI cycles
All of this allows you to get your app to market as quickly as possible and get it into a positive economy
Onboarding is the first thing a user encounters after installation. Our goal is to show the app's capabilities and engage the user. Onboarding is where the product is sold, so we make it lively and interactive
AI Functionality
We work with state-of-the-art AI tools to test any hypothesis we can think of
Main function
The key functionality can be anything! From measuring your heart rate, to controlling your TV
The paywall (payment page) is the key screen for a subscription app. This is where the user makes a decision - to buy or not to buy. That's why we are constantly expertizing and conducting A/B tests to improve conversion to purchase
Create integrations with services to get a lot of analytics and expand the basic functionality of the application
Apple APIs
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